Motel Quest

Adventure at the Perfect Motel

I’m going to name my record “Motel”, after my song about the bliss of temporary, solitary, anonymity. So now I must find The Perfect Motel for my cover photo. Some folks might call musicians when thoughts turn to recording, but not me. I call my photographer!

The  Perfect Motel must be one of those drive-up-to-the-door places – worn, not sordid, charmingly authentic, and with one of those oh-so-coolio signs in front.

i choose the ONLY motel in our county, the Little Rock Motel in Lucketts. This savvy business woman books the room well in advance, #10 at the end, the loneliest room and the one I feel i MUST have. Only we arrive to find its been booked out from under us. Panic! Plus its raining. Oh no! Should we cancel? NO, says I.  It’ll be what it’ll be. I fear losing the project’s momentum.  Besides, do you know how long it took me to put on these false eyelashes? Now I know how famous generals must feel when an attack falters at the outset.

Wipers streaking and squeaking,  I set my brow, grip the wheel,  and make for the rendezvous. My great photographer, Jay Tamangan, is there right on schedule, and he and I take over #7  (not such a bad substitute, you must admit), loaded with wardrobe and guitars and lenses.

I’m all business. We drag outdoor benches about, scraping horrendous planters out of the shot, hustling the patio for the perfect, humble, expressive, but not too humble, vintage, but not precious, chair.  Quick run to the bathroom for an eyelash check. Select the first hip, yet natural, western but not stereotyping, clearly loved but not worn in any other promo shoot, jacket, and I plop myself down into the shot.

Which guitar? The current fav, a Taylor of annoyingly recent vintage, a real workhorse for the live musician, or the useless for gigging  but oh so cool Gibson L-7? You can see from the photo that i chose the L-7.  Image over reality!

Unfortunately, after this fun shoot, Jay and I had a creative misunderstanding and he disappeared from my life. I regret it very much. I love the shots he took, but none really work for the album.  So stay tuned for coming post Perfect Motel, Revisited!