Free charts & mp3s

Here are some song charts you can download in PDF form. Lodi and Boulevard of Broken Dreams are easy pop tunes.  Green River is a great driving rocker by CCR.  Georgia Roads and Route 66 are typical blues progressions, not too hard to play but easy to sound cool!  These were written and arranged by Aaron Stang.

Each WML jam tune starts with drums, then a 1 – 2, 1-2-3-4 count.  I play the riff through twice, then play just rhythm for a few rounds so you can have a turn.  Make sure you practice the riff AND playing the rhythm as well.  They’re both lots of fun!

To download chart or mp3, right-click and choose “Save link as”.  Navigate to a place you’ll remember on your computer and click “Save”.  To stream (view or listening without saving to your system), just click the link.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader, go get it here.


Lodi (Creedence) chart  
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day) chart  
Broken Hearted (Stang) chart mp3
Georgia Roads (Stang) chart mp3
Route 66    p. 1  (Troup) chart mp3
Route 66    p. 2 chart 2
Green River (Creedence) chart
 Jobim Songbook, Vol 2  chart

*WML uses Aaron Stang’s excellent book, “Rock Shop 1” (Warner Bros Publications).   You may find a copy here, or WML will get it for you.