Christmas and Guitars

Wah. Boo.

My advice: Do not surprise someone with a Christmas guitar unless they have repeatedly expressed a desire for one!  Most of the world would love to play guitar, or make music some how, but that doesn’t mean everyone has the commitment and drive to do it.  Myself, I would love to be able to draw things that look like things, but I have yet to be ready to pursue it diligently. So being given a guitar can kinda paint someone into a corner, as in  “Ack! now i HAVE to learn!”  Then a person faces feeling guilty when you’re around if they aren’t making the most of your splendid gift.

If you decide to go ahead with your magnificent intentions, be sure to check under my FAQs to learn the difference between a nylon string, a steel string, or electric guitar.

That all being said, if you DO give them a guitar, make sure you set them up with a solid 4 lessons from me so they have the best chance of moving forward on their musical journey!