Cool music study apps

There’s an astounding quantity of really cool apps and music practice tools available to musicians today.  Metronomes, tuners, 4 track recorders, drum machines can all fit on our cell phones!  This is absolutely incredible to those of us who had to lug a back pack full of this stuff to band practice and gigs.  Here are some I find worth mentioning.

Guitar Tool kit
This is a must-have app for any guitar player.  It has a built-in tuner, metronome, and lots of cool chord and scale features. (Apple, Android)
Acoustic Drum Machine

Drum Beats
 How do you make practicing fun? Play to a drum beat, of course! Ramps the experience and payoff right up! So the ongoing search for the killer drum loop app continues! So far, I recommend  ADM (Android) and Drum Beats by NineBuzz (Apple).
 freesheetmusic-300x54  For pianists, you can download great free scores and exercises here.

Guitar Jam Tracks
 The best way to get better on your instrument is to play with other folks. If that can’t happen, jam tracks are the next best thing. Play lead to your heart’s content with Ninebuzz gives us this app to let us jam some blues in several different keys. (Apple, Android)
 gigbaby  With GigBaby,  you can carry a multi-track recorder in your pocket!  Its so cool to be able to get your ideas down as they happen. Lay down the chords and put your voice down on top! It even has a built-in drum machine! Swoon! (Apple)

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